The primary function of this blog is to have an easily-accessible online portfolio of everything I write that I consider worth reading.

Its secondary function is to answer the question I regularly face: “So what do you write?” The simple answer is that I’ve written some of everything – from scripts to poems to short stories to snarky emails to love letters – and I intend to keep doing that.

If our working definition of “writer” is simply “a person who writes,” then let this website prove that I have earned the title.

If we’re going with the stricter definition of “a person who writes well” then let me endure such scrutiny with your help, reader.

Read, comment on, share, and, most importantly, enjoy my posts. Question, criticize, and compliment me. If I can get any response from you at all, I’ll know I’ve done my job. And you’ll know it’s thanks to you.


The only real purpose of writing is to let someone else know that they’re not alone. It doesn’t solve problems. If a problem is solved in writing then it’s moralizing, and good writing shouldn’t do that. The writer strips off pieces of his own flesh which the readers will either connect with or ignore. And those who understand the writer in turn feel understood and will use his flesh to cover up their wounds. The writer becomes a part of who they are. The hope is that reader and author will be able to bear to face these shared problems, shielded in what little ways they can be by the granted knowledge that they are not the first to do so, nor will they be the last.



I’m an English Major studying at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. I wish my passion was in something that made money.

Instead, this.

I’m originally from a town called Fall River here in Massachusetts and, for better or for worse, it has served as my greatest source of inspiration. If it’s true that writers always have conflicted relationships with where they grew up, then at the very least I’m happy to be able to check that off the list. Life goals include completely divorcing myself from her, but I know she’ll never leave me. And I love her too much to leave her. Like I said: conflicted.

I love both my parents very much and blame them for nothing.

I’m actually a pretty cheery guy in real life, so don’t let anything on here make you think otherwise. I like meeting new people and have even begun striking up conversations with strangers. I’ve found that people like to communicate. They tend to prefer it to being alone. It’s confidence-boosting for me to know that I can connect with people, for the most part. Even if it’s just for a few minutes as we happen to be walking in the same direction before our paths split. Not a metaphor. That’s usually how it happens.

My favorite book is One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez because I know I can never come close to accomplishing something so damn perfect.


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